The Logic Of Outdoor Lighting

Dec 18th 2018 Staff

Why Should I Bother With Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting is vital when it comes to the exterior decor of your structure. As your Greensboro outdoor lighting experts, we take our jobs very seriously.

Outdoor lighting matters, and it’s worth the investment. If you’re not already a believer, here’s some reasons why you should invest in high-quality outdoor lighting for your home or business.

  • It adds a sense of safety and security. Outdoor lighting at your home and business, particularly near doorways and walkways, can be a deterrent for those who like to lurk in the dark. On top of that, a well-lit pathway decreases your chances of stumbling over something in the dark, preventing potential serious injuries. Your employees — and even more, your family — will thank you for the investment.
  • It increases the curb appeal of your home or business. Getting creative with your outdoor lighting gives a sense of your personality to the exterior of any building. Beautiful lighting will make your home the envy of all your neighbors.
  • Outdoor lighting just pulls everything together. When you take the time to select the outdoor lights that work best for you, the result is an unparalleled and cohesive look.

Now that you’ve seen just how valuable outdoor lighting can be, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of outdoor lighting.

What Are My Options?

Outdoor lighting can serve many functions and thinking through what you’re wanting to accomplish is vital to getting the perfect set up. There are outdoor light fixtures designed to accent your home or business’ landscaping or architectural details. Some outdoor light fixtures are designed for safety and security when night rolls around — entryway lights, spot lights, or walkway lights are prime examples of this. You can also choose outdoor lighting for purely decorative purposes, these can really bring life to the spaces you’ve set aside for entertaining guests or lounging around.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, you want outdoor lighting that is going to match your the architecture of the building. Of course, personal preference is the primary measure of satisfaction.

At Butler Lighting we carry the following types of outdoor lights:

  • Close to Ceiling
  • Hanging Lights
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans
  • Post Lights
  • Security Lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Patio Lights

There are a nigh infinite amount of combinations and ways to arrange your lights. Remember to keep the end goal in mind and that will help inform and guide your purchasing and installation decisions.

Still Need More Outdoor Lighting Expertise?

If you’re wondering which outdoor lighting fixtures are perfect for your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our highly-trained and experienced lighting experts. At Butler Lighting, we are completely committed to helping you find lights and fixtures you love at prices you can afford.

You can schedule a comprehensive consultation or come into one of our showrooms to meet with a lighting specialist today. We also have an extensive catalog of outdoor lighting you can browse online.

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