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While all lighting should look great and provide the light that makes any given room look good, exterior lighting has an especially tough job to do: it has to make your home look amazing and offer the safety and security you need to be comfortable. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but at Butler Lighting we know how to make your outdoor lighting work in every way it needs to.

With a combination of security lights and other types of fixtures (hanging lights, landscape lighting, post lights, and sconces) the delicate balance of visual appeal and safety can be achieved. Here at Butler Lighting, our lighting experts can help you figure out the best approach for making your home both safe and inviting to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Do you have an outdoor patio that is all but unusable after a certain point in the early evening because of a lack of light? We can help make this space just as accessible and safe as any of the rooms in your home!
Browse our products above to get an idea of some of the lighting choices we offer and then come to our Greensboro or High Point lighting showroom to see all of your options in person!

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Outdoor Lighting

Why Should You Bother With Exterior Lighting?
While the benefits might not be immediately evident, outdoor lighting has the potential to completely transform an outdoor space. Whether you are using landscape lighting to highlight beautifully sculpted landscaping features or security lights to keep paths well-lit at night, installing new light fixtures can take your yard or commercial outdoor space to the next level.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, one of the things that causes people to hesitate is they have no idea where to start. After all, there are seemingly endless options and it can be difficult to see the end product before you even start.

At Butler Lighting, we’re here to offer our expertise. Since 1948, we’ve provided top-quality lighting products and design solutions in North Carolina. We know that developing a lighting strategy can be intimidating at first, but our team of design experts will be there for you every step of the way.

One of the first things is to realize is that a beautiful outdoor lighting strategy can be affordable, and thus, attainable. At our lighting showrooms in High Point and Greensboro, you’ll find a massive selection of exterior lighting options to meet the needs of any budget.

From ornate outdoor chandeliers to reasonably priced outdoor ceiling fans and wall sconces, our team will help find the perfect fixtures for your home or business — all while staying within your price point.
Security Benefits Of A Well-Lit Outdoor Space
One of the strongest arguments in favor of outdoor lighting is that it provides a sense of security and safety. Using lights along walkways can help expose tripping hazards (such as a garden hose or toys that were left out) as you walk about your yard at night.

However, the safety benefits of proper lighting don’t just end at being able to see when it’s dark out. Outdoor lighting can also be a deterrent for burglars. Someone who’s intent on breaking in to your home or business will likely think twice.

Outdoor lights can also keep your home or commercial property more secure. A thief (or thieves) will be far less motivated to target your property if there are lights shining on them to expose their dark and shady activities.
Beauty And Functionality
Exterior lighting isn’t only about functionality; it’s also about making your outdoor space as beautiful as it can possibly be. Landscape lighting can be used to highlight particularly stunning pieces of landscaping. 

You can also use an outdoor lighting strategy to bring even more life to outdoor entertainment areas. Outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to help keep your guests cool during an outdoor summer barbecue, while providing light as it gets dark. You can also use landscape lighting around your pool to give it a resort-type feel. 

One of the best things about outdoor lighting is the sheer amount of options and customization opportunity you have. Whether you prefer to use a mixture of hanging lights and post lights or are content with patio lights or wall sconces, you can develop a lighting strategy that fits your personal taste and the style of your home.

Still not sure you can do it? Our professional lighting consultants can help guide you in the right direction. From selecting the right products to installing them in such a way that makes your outdoor space truly magical.
Wide Range Of Outdoor Lighting Options
Close To Ceiling Lights
Close to ceiling lights are designed to be relatively unassuming. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their place. If you select the right ones, they can beautifully blend in with your ceiling and provide the illumination you need.
Hanging Lights
At Butler Lighting, we have almost 2,000 different types and styles of hanging lights that range from simple and practical to elegant and ornate. Hanging lights are a great way to beautify your outdoor patio or living room area.
Outdoor Ceiling Fans
North Carolina summers can get hot, even during the evenings after the sun goes down. With an outdoor ceiling fan or two, you can keep the party outside and your guests comfortable the whole night through. Many ceiling fans also come equipped with a light source.
Post Lights
Posts are interesting features that can be used to light walkways or outdoor areas. With post lighting, you can customize both the types of posts you’re using as well as the lights that mount them, giving you a great degree of freedom in your lighting strategy.
Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting is used to draw attention to specific landscaping features like waterfalls or particularly beautiful plants. It can also help light walkways for safe travel. Most of all, these lights allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun has gone down. 
Security Lights
Security lights are designed to keep your home well-lit and safe. If you want to get the most from your security lights, they can also be equipped with motion sensors so you don’t have to deal with turning them on and off as necessary.
Wall Sconces 
Like almost any lighting feature, sconces range from simple to ornate. When it comes to selecting the right outdoor sconce, the most important thing to consider is the style of your architecture and landscaping and choose the one that matches best.
Patio Lights
Like almost any lighting feature, sconces range from simple to ornate. When it comes to selecting the right outdoor sconce, the most important thing to consider is the style of your architecture and landscaping and choose the one that matches best.
Why Choose Butler Lighting For Exterior Lighting?
Over 70 Years Of Experience
Butler Lighting has served North Carolina with high-quality lighting since 1948. In 1991, we opened our first lighting showroom in High Point and since then we’ve expanded to include another lighting store in Greensboro. Our expansion is not just a testament to how long we’ve been around, but to our trusted reputation and excellent service.
Large Showroom With A Plethora Of Lighting Options

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