Chandelier Buying Guide

Chandelier Buying Guide

How to purchase the right size chandelier for my dining room:

To find a correct dining room chandelier size, a typical rule of thumb is to add the length and width of your room and the sum will equal the approximate diameter of your light fixture.

While doing this be mindful of ceiling height and table size, you do not want to exceed the width of the table. Also, keep in mind the shape of your table.

For example, you would not want a linear fixture over a round table. A typical chandelier or dining room fixture is hung between 30-36 inches off the top of your table.


Small Budget

Having sufficient light for function and correct proportion are the main goals for those with a small budget. The areas that will typically have a chandelier include: foyer, dining room, great room, and a breakfast nook. If budget allows, possibly a powder room or a primary suite bathroom. Simple fixtures with glass globes or exposed candles are typically what is used for this budget. Those with a smaller budget should focus on function first and then form.

Medium Budget

A budget within this range has much more room for character and versatility. Small amounts of crystal, higher quality finishes, unique designs, and LED integrated fixtures are all possibilities. When budget allows, the fixtures that will have the most impact are the foyer, dining room, breakfast nook, great room, owner's suite as well as some bathrooms. More focus can be put on design, not just functionality.

Large Budget

Larger budgets have free reign on the possibilities of both luxurious chandeliers and innovative technology on a much grander scale than a typical project usually incurs. Higher grades of crystal, hand-blown artisan glass, designer name brands, American Made, modern or contemporary LED integrated chandeliers, custom sizing, and heavier, natural metals such as brass, iron, and copper are some of the options that are considered. All the focus is put on the quality, design, and functionality of the chandelier’s application.

Design Types

When it comes to chandelier shopping there are many different options to consider. Below are some of the most design types for this type of light fixture.


Great for islands or rectangular dining room tables. Sometimes multiples are used for oversized island tables.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are typically found in your dining room, foyer, great room, master bedrooms, libraries, studies, or any other room that a home or business owner deems fit for a crystal piece. Crystal grades will increase the price dramatically with more intricate designs, higher quality crystal, medium of material and source of the material. The way light bounces and the amount of light it reflects is one eye test.

Mini Chandelier

Great for walk-in closets, island lighting with added flare, powder rooms, master baths, and over-exposed bathtubs. Mini chandeliers allow you to add more character and elegance to any given setting or room.


Drum Shade lights are great for many applications including kitchens, great rooms, and bedrooms are common locations. Crystal style drum shades can up the style and add elegance to your setting.


Starburst styled light fixtures have tons of uniqueness and can be very modern.


Good for islands, foyers, breakfast nooks, or even dining room tables. Spheres are a great way to take up space!

Multi Pendant Chandelier

Multi pendant chandeliers can add characteristic and sophistication to any lighting design project. Material ranging from Crystal pieces to metals, styles ranging from industrial to ornate.

How To Install

Though the installation process can vary when it comes to different chandeliers, there are general steps that can be applied to most chandelier installation jobs. Listed are some of the common steps involved in installing a chandelier.

Note: If your chandelier exceeds 75 lbs, ensure your canopy and hanging parts are set up to support that weight. Also, if your chandelier is going on a high ceiling, a light lift will be a good idea to install for easy cleaning.


First, as is the case with any electrical job, you should turn off the power in the part of the house you’re working in. This will keep you safe during the process. You then need to prepare the ceiling electrical box to get it ready for your new chandelier. To do so, you simply need to remove any existing light fixture from it. Now, you’re ready to set up your new chandelier.


The assembly of the actual chandelier will vary depending on which chandelier you’ve acquired. Most chandeliers will have their own instruction guide. Regardless, after assembly you should measure the distance between your ceiling and the floor, and your ceiling and the table the chandelier will be hung above, if any, to get a good grasp as to how long the chain should be.


Then, you should hang your chandelier. The hanging process will depend on what the instructions that came with your chandelier say, but there are a few methods that can apply no matter the situation. The first is to install the chandelier by attaching it to the ceiling box. In this process you’ll have to screw it in. Another way to do it is by threading the mounting stem into the ceiling box. Either method can work depending on the chandelier. You should aim to consult the chandelier’s instructions first before trying this.


Next, you need to wire the chandelier. Typically, there will be instructions on how to do so with your specific chandelier included, but if not there are some general rules to follow. Most of the process comes down to connect each wire with the corresponding wire in your house’s electric system. Once you do this, cover your electrical box with the part of the chandelier designed to do so. Then, all you need to do is install whatever bulbs came with the chandelier, and it should be all ready.


All you have to do now is restore the power to the part of the house you were working in and power on your chandelier. Your new chandelier should turn on and light up the room.

Energy Costs

Integrated vs Socket:

Integrated solutions are found most commonly in transitional, modern, and contemporary lighting. Ask your lighting specialist if the integrated LED is replaceable. If they are not, the fixture would have to be replaced. Socket based fixtures will best be suited for LED light bulbs. Either solution is great for saving money and having overall better lighting.


Listed below are some of our favorite products.

Jean-Louis Six Light Chandelier

This chandelier is the perfect blend of modern and traditional and is a good option that can fit nicely in a variety of rooms. The Six Light Chandelier by Currey and Company from the Jean-Louis collection in Old Brass/Marbella Black/Gold Leaf finish Wrought iron and sheet metal form the Jean-Louis Chandelier with its shades that resemble a classic task light. These give the black chandelier the feel of a mid-century modern icon.

Jean-Louis Six Light Chandelier Products

Leon 6-light

This chandelier is a much more extravagant looking light fixture than others. With a bunch of beads lining its foundation and a couple finishes to choose from, the Leon 6-light is a great option for someone with a larger budget. If you’re looking for a very stylistic chandelier, consider this option.

Leon 6-light Products

Manning 6-light

This chandelier has a very unique design in comparison to others. Despite being considered a minimalist style, this chandelier boasts a very unique style that can add flair and elegance to any room its added to. If you’re looking for a clean, and simplistic design that can be implemented into many different settings, consider this option.

Manning 6-light Products

Olympus 12-Light Pendant

This chandelier offers a design that is a little more out there when compared to others. With a starburst design that has light fixtures going in every direction, this chandelier is sure to catch eyes in any room. With a black finish, this option can be slipped into homes that have a unique style. This chandelier is sure to be something that stands out. If you want a chandelier that will catch the attention of your guests, consider this option.

Olympus 12-Light Pendant Products

Paget LED

This chandelier is perfect for those with a large budget who want to add a light fixture that is truly something to see. With an arrangement of lights that flow down one into the other as they descend, this option is a perfect fit for any room that could use a little style. With LED lights built in, this fixture is also good to last for a long time before needing light maintenance. If you want a chandelier that is sure to add style to any room, consider adding this one.

Paget LED Products

Commercial and Bulk Options

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Chandelier FAQs

An overall lighting package for your home will typically cost 1-2% of your home’s overall value. It’s not uncommon to even go over this amount. Chandeliers are often seen as the focal point of a lighting project and tend to cost more than other lighting related fixtures. There is no specific number determining what the right number is as that will depend on the client. Here are some large chandeliers under $500,link

The best way to find out how big a chandelier should be in your dining room is to use the following formula. Add the length and width of the room and the sum will equal the approximate diameter of the light fixture you should get. You also want to be mindful of the ceiling height and table size as you do not want to exceed the width of the table. You should also bear in mind the shape of your table. For example, you don’t want to have a linear fixture over a circular table. This would make your dining room look silly. Always try to find a style that goes with the room. This will yield the best result.

This will all depend on the chandelier and where it is being hung. A typical chandelier is hung between 30-36 inches off the top of your table. Foyers can vary depending on what’s in the room like windows, or if the room has tight spaces. Try to keep your fixtures 7 feet off the ground. If it’s not being hung over something like a table, then bear in mind that you’ll need space to walk under it.

There are many combinations that can work when it comes to tables and chandeliers. Putting a round chandelier over a rectangular table can work. You should always ask your lighting specialist if your desired setup is both functional and proportional.

What’s considered a good chandelier will vary depending on who’s buying it. You always want to find a chandelier that will fit your budget that also doesn’t sacrifice quality, aesthetics, or functionality to do so. If you’re looking for chandeliers on the expensive side, then things like crustal grade, size, material, where they’re made and how they were crafted become important. Just look for something that works for you, and it will likely be a good chandelier.

It is not usually recommended that a chandelier be wider than the width of your table.

Yes, centering your chandelier over your table helps create symmetry and balance.

The frame of it can be cleaned with a duster, or other cleaning devices. Crystals usually can be cleaned with warm water and a small mixture of Windex and rubbing alcohol. Tyr to use residue free towels, microfibers, and soft materials. Label any crystals you take off of the chandelier to make it easier to return them to their original location. There are sprays you can purchase too. Let your crystals dry before putting them back on.


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