Tips To Transition Your Outdoor Lighting To The Fall Season

Tips To Transition Your Outdoor Lighting To The Fall Season

Oct 19th 2018 Staff

Take Your Outdoor Lighting From Summer To Fall With Today’s Tips!

It is finally the season where the leaves are beginning turn colors and the seasonal flavors are taking root. If you enjoy your outdoor space and are not quite ready to give it up to the cooler temperatures, learn how you can transition your lighting to reflect the autumn season.

Squeezing the most out of these extra moments before a hard freeze sets in is what Butler Lighting is here for. Make your days longer with quality outdoor lighting that makes your home safer and creates a specific mood. Follow along in today’s blog as we cover fall lighting tips.

Shorter Days Call For More Exterior Lighting Options!

As the days are becoming shorter and the sun is setting sooner your outdoor lighting will not only need to be turned on earlier, but you may need additional lights to better illuminate your space. Bask in the fall season where the temperatures are milder and you can spend early mornings with a cup of hot tea and a good book or an autumnal evening feast spent in the backyard with your favorite people.

Now Is The Time To Craft Outdoor Lighting Design!

Following summer and right before the winter is a great time to up your outdoor lighting game! After all, the weather is just right — not too hot and not too cold.

One of the best ways to transition from the long summer days into shorter fall days is to create the ability to control your lighting. Lighting can affect the mood of a space significantly — if it is too bright it can be harsh and off-putting, while too little light makes people sleepy because they are constantly straining their eyes.

When you install a lighting dimmer function to your outdoor lighting you can control the amount of light as needed. You may also want to consider motion sensors and timers as a part of your outdoor lighting design.

You may also want to check your light bulbs or replace them with bulbs that are made to withstand the colder weather and consider placing covers over the electrical outlets to protect them from any moisture.

The cooler weather calls for additional outdoor warmth, so add a fire pit or chimenea. These natural pieces add both light and warmth, and can even do S’mores!

Fall Exterior Lighting Tips To Implement

Cultivate class.

As the trees are turning brilliant colors, fall is the best season to add landscape lighting to your yard. When you uplight trees and different scrubs it not only adds an instant chicness, it adds depth from the brilliant shadows that are cast.

Add cafe lights.

These round lights are the best things to have been put on a string! They are significantly larger than twinkle lights so to provide more light to spaces. Extend your outdoor space out into the yard with cafe lights. 

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