Northeast Lantern

About Northeast Lantern

Northeast Lantern was established in 1987. Skip Heal was a young craftsman and had a vision of opening his own shop to produce quality solid brass and copper lighting fixtures. This family-owned business continually innovates and improves their American-made lighting fixtures to maintain a competitive edge in the industry and keep up with market demands.

What Northeast Lantern Specializes In

Northeast Lantern specializes in providing high-quality solid brass and copper lighting fixtures through highly skilled and dedicated employees, excellent customer service, and a proficient manufacturing process. They are known for producing high-quality lanterns and lighting solutions, often crafted using traditional methods and materials.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Northeast Lantern

Butler Lighting has partnered with Northeast Lanters due to their excellent reputation in responding to client’s needs and requests along with their emphasis on honest and fair customer service. With 20% of their lanterns designed as custom pieces, we’re sure that if you’ve dreamt of it, they’ve made it before!

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