George Kovacs

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George Kovacs, hailing from sunny Corona, CA, has been a shining star in the lighting world since 1954 when the visionary George Kovacs opened a humble store in Manhattan. They've been at the forefront of design and illumination, introducing modern and avant-garde lighting that transformed the landscape of interior design.

Their knack for staying ahead of design trends and championing modern interior aesthetics in the US fueled their success through the early 2000s. In 2002, George Kovacs® Lighting joined forces with The Minka Group®, upholding their legacy as the epitome of design and contemporary style.

Even after George Kovacs' passing in 2007, his lighting legacy thrives through The Minka Group's commitment to his design vision. George Kovacs® Lighting's collection is characterized by clean lines with intriguing twists, outstanding illumination, and a touch of humor. They continue to lead the way, both inside and outside, with cutting-edge, premium-quality contemporary lighting at a value-driven price.

Butler Lighting proudly collaborates with George Kovacs® because of their unwavering dedication to innovative design and superior quality, aligning perfectly with our mission to provide exceptional lighting solutions to our valued customers.

About George Kovacs

George Kovacs began in 1954 in Manhattan, pioneering modern and avant-garde lighting. The brand, now under The Minka GroupĀ®, continues its legacy of revolutionizing design and illumination, synonymous with contemporary style and quality.

What George Kovacs Specializes In

George Kovacs specializes in contemporary lighting with a distinctive edge. Their designs blend clean lines, unexpected twists, and superior illumination, reflecting a commitment to sophistication and a hint of humor. This brand is recognized for pushing the boundaries of modern interior design.

Why Butler Lighting Works with George Kovacs

Butler Lighting partners with George Kovacs for their shared vision of contemporary and high-quality lighting. This collaboration brings George Kovacs' innovative and stylish designs to a wider audience, offering premium lighting solutions that combine modern aesthetics with approachable pricing.

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