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Maxim | 61014RADBZ | Tulum Collection | Bronze / Dark | LED Fandelight

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Hand woven rattan wicker in a natural or darkened finish are shaped into a sloping drum shade with an internal fan and LED light source within them. The contrasting Dark Bronze finish of the metalwork encases an LED ring toward the bottom edge of the shade allowing for a strobe-free light effect directed downward. The surface coatings are rated for outdoor applications so the rattan and the metalwork are purposefully designed for outdoor spaces under covered roofs. Transform your patio with coastal flair and escape the heat with this Fandelight by Maxim.
Light Source:
120 Volt
Style 2:
Light Bulb Requirement::
Max Wattage: 35 | Number of bulbs: 1 | Bulb Type: PCB | Light Source: LED
Fan Rpm:
Style 1:
Bronze / Dark
Bulb Base:
PCB Integrated
Fan Electricity Use:
Sub Category:
Canopy Dimensions:
Number Of Bulbs:
Bulbs Included?:
Vendor Moisture Protection Rating:
Vendor Rated Water Resistant
Reverse Air:
Fan Air Flow:
Bulb Type:
Spec Sheet:
Fan Speed:
Steel, Aluminum, Rattan, ABS
Blade Span:
Fan Control:
Remote Control
Blade Type:
Motor Size:
92 x 27

About Maxim

Maxim is a proud, multi-generational brand built on ingenuity, passion, and dedication. They have been refining and redefining cutting-edge lighting trends for more than 45 years! With over 4,000 distinct and noteworthy designs, they offer the finishing touches clients have been looking for in lighting, from traditional to contemporary. They have a seasoned intuition for lasting trends, carefully developed for nearly five decades of lighting research, design, and development.

What Maxim Specializes In

Maxim Lighting is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures. They offer a wide range of lighting products, including chandeliers, pendants, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, outdoor lighting, and more. Maxim Lighting is known for its stylish and contemporary designs while providing lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Maxim

Maxim Lighting holds a place in the top five lighting companies in the industry. This offers the foundation for a diverse and high-quality range of lighting products that complement and enhance Butler Lighting's existing product portfolio. In addition to their timeless designs, Maximum continues to provide bold new decor statements and eco-friendly products built with a sustainable future in mind!

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