About ET2

For over 45 years, ET2 Contemporary Lighting has illuminated spaces with a unique blend of cutting-edge design and refined sensibilities. With a vast repertoire of over 4,000 distinctive designs, ET2 seamlessly integrates lighting from the traditional to the avant-garde. Their expertise lies in their ability to capture the essence of lighting trends, transforming ordinary rooms with a touch of luxury, elegance, and contemporary flair.

What ET2 Specializes In

ET2's collections are a masterclass in the art of lighting. They effortlessly merge luxurious finishes with innovative designs, fusing translucent crystals, sculpted glass, fluid chrome, and potent lamps. The result? Spaces that aren't just lit but are transformed into exceptional experiences. From the eccentric to the sophisticated, ET2's lighting solutions redefine, elevate, and make a statement. Their commitment to advanced technology, forward-thinking designs, and accessibility in everyday lighting solidifies their place at the forefront of the industry.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with ET2

Butler Lighting's partnership with ET2 stems from a shared vision of excellence and innovation. ET2's unparalleled legacy in contemporary lighting ensures our customers receive products that are both trendsetting and timeless. Their dedication to addressing unique lighting challenges aligns with our mission to offer solutions tailored to individual needs. As ET2 approaches half a century of redefining lighting, we're proud to collaborate with a brand that continues to impress with dazzling new styles, ensuring every space shines with brilliance.

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