Lighting Design in the Dining Room

Lighting Design in the Dining Room

Nov 7th 2022 staff

The dining room is an integral part of the home. It is where memories are made and where family and friends gather to celebrate holidays and special moments. The dining room in a home can have many purposes ranging from entertaining, formal dining, meeting space, schoolwork area or a home office. 

When considering lighting for this room in your home it is important to remember all the functions this area serves and use proper lighting techniques that offer maximum flexibility. Creating beauty and functionality are important factors to remember with any dining room design concept.

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dining room lighting design

There is more to lighting a dining room than you may realize. This important room in the home room often serves many purposes. A lighting technique used by the experts is called layering of the light. This technique should be implemented so that all your needs can be met. Ambient lighting is provided with a chandelier or some form of overhead decorative lighting. There are many styles available that will complement any design aesthetic and will create the focal point and center of the space. When selecting a chandelier design, scale and lumen output are of utmost importance in the selection process. The chandelier should be at least ½ the width of the table and should hang 30-36” above the table surface. Ceiling height and room size will determine the correct sizing of the fixture. 

Accent lighting takes the layering concept to the next level and brings dimension to your lighting design. This technique can come in many forms including: recessed lighting, wall sconces, art lighting, portable lamps or even LED tape lighting incorporated into the ceiling design. Accent lighting provides a supplemental source of illumination and allows for optimal customization. By incorporating accent lighting to your room, you will have maximum flexibility whether you are setting the mood for an intimate gathering or getting ready for a school project, you will have options to enhance any of your lighting needs.

dining room lighting design

Obtaining the correct lighting for your dining room is essential to create a versatile space that will serve you are your family’s needs. Your dining room shpuld be both beautiful and functional. Contact a lighting professional at Butler Lighting who can customize a perfect plan for you. Let us help make this important room uniquely yours. We are located and have showrooms in High Point and Greensboro, North Carolina and look forward to assisting you with your next project. 

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