American Brass & Crystal: An American Lighting Company

American Brass & Crystal: An American Lighting Company

May 11th 2023 Staff

At Butler Lighting, we strive to support manufacturers of exceptional products that embody both quality and design. Exquisite  USA-made lighting fixtures have the power to elevate any room and imbue it with charm and sophistication. That's why we are proud to offer American Brass & Crystal as part of our product lineup.

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American Brass & Crystal is a leading manufacturer of luxurious lighting fixtures that has gained recognition for its distinctive old-world style of manufacturing. The brand has years of experience in crafting exceptional chandeliers, wall sconces, and other lighting products that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. What sets American Brass & Crystal apart from others in the industry is their meticulous attention to detail. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully executed, from selecting the finest raw materials to creating each component of the fixture by hand.

At  American Brass & Crystal,, the manufacturing process is nothing short of a work of art. Their state-of-the-art facility holds the largest collection of raw brass components compared to any other lighting manufacturer globally. This gives them the ability to select from thousands of individual castings to create a truly unique chandelier that's tailored to your preferences. Each component is then drilled by hand to the specific crystal layout you've chosen, and the raw brass is given a beautiful hand-applied finish before being assembled to your specifications. To ensure a perfect fit for your chandelier, the crystal style that you've selected is meticulously pinned by hand. The result is a true heirloom-quality fixture that will be treasured by your family for generations to come.


American Brass & Crystal offers a variety of different types of lighting fixtures to accommodate everyone's individual preferences. Below are some categories of lighting they offer.


American Brass & Crystal offers a stunning collection of chandeliers that are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and elegance. Each chandelier is meticulously handcrafted by masterful artisans who pay pure attention to detail at every step of the process. The brand's extensive collection of raw brass components allows them to create unique chandeliers that are customized to your preferences.

Wall Sconces

American Brass & Crystal also offers an impressive selection of wall sconces that are designed to complement any interior style. From classic and traditional to contemporary and modern, their wall sconces are available in a wide range of designs, finishes, and crystal options. 

Flush Mounts

They offer a range of flush mounts that are perfect for low ceilings or areas with limited space. Their flush mounts come in various styles, including traditional, contemporary, and modern, and are made with high-quality materials such as Italian brass and precision-grade crystal. 

Table and Floor Lamps

They offer a stunning collection of table and floor lamps. These lamps are designed to be both functional and visually stunning, adding an extra layer of elegance to any space.

Below are a variety of lighting options American Brass & Crystal has to offer.

ROSETTA Collection Chandeliers (CH9502-A-04G)


This stunning chandelier from the ROSETTA Collection by American Brass & Crystal is sure to make a statement in any room it's placed in. With an antique white glossy finish, it features the French pendalogue precision crystal package and is designed to hold five bulbs. This chandelier would be perfect for a dining room or as an elegant addition to an entryway with high ceilings.

While this particular chandelier may not be listed on the Butler Lighting website, we have the ability to order it directly from American Brass & Crystal as an official partner.

Vert Magro Globe-32G-Loft


This exquisite chandelier is perfect for contemporary homes, featuring 10 opal glass open bulbs and a length of almost 72". The fixture is available in various colors and materials and boasts a sleek contemporary finish. Although this specific chandelier may not be currently available on the Butler Lighting website, as an official partner of American Brass & Crystal, we can order it directly for you.

VALENCIA - MODERN Flush Mounts (FM8343X-P-36G)


American Brass & Crystal provides a range of Flush Mounts to choose from. One of them is this 17” flush mount, which can illuminate 6 bulbs and is perfect for a dining room table. It showcases a 36G- Old Brass Finish and has a precision crystal package. If you want to purchase this contemporary flush mount, Butler Lighting can place a special order for you.

Table and Floor Lamps (FLC2542-E-13M) 


American Brass & Crystal has an extensive collection of floor lamps, and this particular model is a standout. It measures 65” long and illuminates 9 bulbs, featuring the elegant 13M- Aged Bronze Matte finish and the hand-cut “E” package spear crystal package. If you're interested in learning more about this floor lamp, don't hesitate to contact a representative from Butler Lighting.

Custom Finishes 

American Brass & Crystal provides customized finishes to create the perfect lighting fixture for any space. They offer the option of every chandelier in any finish with any crystal package, making everything fully customizable. For more information on creating a customized piece from American Brass & Crystal, a Butler Lighting associate can assist.

American Brass & Crystal is a renowned manufacturer of exquisite lighting fixtures that are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. From chandeliers to flush mounts, their products are available in a range of finishes and crystal options, allowing for a completely personalized experience.

As an authorized partner of American Brass & Crystal, Butlers Lighting is proud to offer its stunning lighting fixtures to our customers. Our goal is to provide high-quality lighting solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. Visit our premier showroom in High Point, North Carolina to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates and learn more about American Brass & Crystal's exceptional products.

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