Solar Lighting Guide

Solar Lighting Guide

Over the years, solar lights have been hit or miss. At many points, solar was pitched as the next alternative prematurely. Today, we are in a much more suited environment for solar lighting! Our Partner, Gama Sonic, has innovated and adjusted their product for years!! That is why they are one of the best sources for reliable, that's the key, solar lighting!

There are many types of solar lighting fixtures available to suit any functional need and any budget. It is important to understand not only the lighting needs of your space, but also the decor of your space. It is important that your lighting fixtures work with your style instead of against it.


Small Budget

With a small budget, the primary goal is to ensure adequate lighting and proper functionality of your fixtures. Focus on prioritizing areas that need the most light and allocate your budget towards fixtures that best serve those spaces. Solar lights come with batteries that store energy efficiently, so make sure your choice has dependable policies and robust engineering.

Medium Budget

A medium budget offers more flexibility, allowing you to enhance both functionality and design. Use solar fixtures as a design element to improve your space. A medium budget provides more options, enabling you to further enhance your outdoor area. Options like Gama Sonic allow for battery and LED diode replacements, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

Large Budget

A large budget opens up countless possibilities for designing your space. Transform your outdoor area into an oasis with the ultimate solar light experience. A large budget allows for extensive customization and a truly immersive lighting environment. Investing in high-quality solar lights ensures you can replace batteries and maintain the longevity of your lighting system.

Design Types

As a new homeowner, choosing the right solar lighting for your space can make a world of difference. Let me guide you through some popular design types to help you make the best choice.

Bollard Head

Imagine your pathways, patios, or gardens beautifully illuminated with solar bollard heads. These fixtures, mounted on bollard posts, provide not only functional lighting but also an elegant touch to your outdoor spaces.

Wall Light

Solar wall lights are perfect for adding charm and practicality to your backyard, entryway, patio, and walkways. They enhance your exterior decor while offering a sustainable and stylish lighting solution that combines functionality with visual appeal.

Wall/Step Light

Solar wall/step lights are compact fixtures designed to brighten your outdoor walls, steps, and walkways. These lights enhance both safety and aesthetics, requiring no wiring or external power sources, making them an efficient and chic addition to your home.

Path Light

Line your walkways, garden paths, and driveways with solar path lights. These lights not only improve visibility and safety but also add a delightful, inviting glow to your outdoor areas, enhancing their charm.

Solar Stud

For a durable and reliable lighting option, consider solar studs. These small devices are embedded in your roads, pathways, or driveways to boost visibility and safety, withstanding tough conditions while providing consistent illumination.

Accent Light

Accent lights are perfect for adding energy-efficient lighting to your outdoor spaces. Many of these fixtures are motion-activated, ensuring energy use only when needed, and providing subtle yet effective illumination to highlight key areas.

Flood Light

Illuminate your residential landscapes, foliage, flag poles, and home exterior with powerful solar flood lights. These fixtures are ideal for highlighting larger areas, offering ample illumination to make your outdoor spaces shine.

Barn Light

Solar barn lights add a distinctive and functional touch to your home, shed, barn, greenhouse, storage unit, or garage. No barn required – these lights are a fantastic option for any exterior space, blending rustic charm with modern functionality.

How To Install

Installing solar light fixtures is very straightforward. Simply begin by selecting a sunny spot that gives the fixture maximum sunlight exposure. Secure the fixture either in the ground or on a wall (based on the fixture type). If not already attached, attach the solar panel to the fixture, ensuring it's angled to capture maximum sunlight. Once installed, allow the fixtures to charge for about 24-48 hours before use. Regularly clean the solar panel to maintain efficiency.

Energy Costs

Solar lighting fixtures reduce energy costs as they harness free energy from the sun. After the initial purchase, there are virtually no operating costs with solar lighting fixtures. Unlike traditional lighting, solar fixtures do not rely on electricity from the grid, which will decrease your monthly energy bills. Additionally, the durability of these fixtures means they require minimal maintenance, which results in fewer long-term expenses.

Commercial and Bulk Options

We offer a wide variety of commercial solar lighting fixtures and fixtures available in bulk. Contact us to get a quote on solar fixtures for your next project. Contractors, designers, builders, and electricians all enjoy our trade account discounts. Butlerlighitngusa offers trade pro and B2B discounts to those who qualify and can show proof of their licenses. Get a solar lighting quote today!

Why Butler?

At Butler Lighting, we've been meeting our customers' lighting needs since 1948. Whether you're looking for lighting solutions for your home, a commercial space, or more, we have you covered. We can work within your budget to deliver lighting that you'll love. As a family-run business, we prioritize communication and hard work. Partnering with over 150 vendors, we can tackle any lighting job you have. If you need lighting done right, contact us today, and we'll elevate your lighting to the next level.

Solar FAQs

There are a variety of lighting fixtures available for different spaces. Contact our team for additional assistance determining which fixtures are right for you.

Solar lighting fixtures are very easy to clean. Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and water to gently wipe down the solar panel and light casing. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the surface.

Yes, solar lighting fixtures can provide enough outdoor light to be functional. Be sure that you are installing the correct size and quantity of fixtures to support your space.

Both! Depending on what fixture you are looking for, ground and wall solar fixtures are available. Both fixtures are great options and can be used to illuminate your space.


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