House of Troy

About House of Troy Lighting

Founded in 1947 in Montreal, Canada, House of Troy initially sold lighting to department and gift stores. In 1960, the business relocated to North Troy, Vermont, leading to its current name. House of Troy is renowned for its dedication to traditional aesthetics, specializing in hand-crafted pharmacy, picture, and piano lamps that add classic elegance to various settings, from living rooms to offices and bedrooms​​​​.

What House of Troy Lighting Specializes In

House of Troy is celebrated for its beautifully functional lighting, crafted with a commitment to quality in Vermont. The company's product line includes picture lights, piano lights, and wall lamps, all designed and manufactured in-house. Their lighting fixtures, available in a variety of finishes, are known for their enduring quality and traditional design, making them a timeless addition to any interior space​​​​.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with House of Troy Lighting

Butler Lighting's partnership with House of Troy is built on a shared appreciation for traditional design and hand-crafted quality. House of Troy’s range of classic lighting fixtures, renowned for their functionality and aesthetic appeal, aligns with Butler Lighting’s commitment to offering high-quality, timeless lighting solutions. This collaboration ensures customers have access to lighting that not only illuminates spaces but also enhances their decor with enduring elegance.

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