Elco Lighting

About Elco Lighting

Founded over thirty years ago in Los Angeles, ELCO Lighting was built on the simple principle: offer high-quality lighting products at a fair market price. Their unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional customer service is the driving force behind their enduring success in an ever-evolving industry.

What Elco Lighting Specializes In

ELCO Lighting's expertise shines in their comprehensive LED product range, encompassing recessed, track, undercabinet, outdoor, and emergency lighting solutions. Recognized for quality engineering and micro-managed inventory, they have positioned themselves as leaders ready to meet diverse lighting needs.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Elco Lighting

Elco Lighting's reputation for quality and fair value resonates with Butler Lighting's ethos. Their expansive LED offerings complement our vision for diverse and innovative lighting solutions. Our collaboration ensures that our customers receive nothing but the best in design, functionality, and performance.

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