Ekena Millwork

About Ekena Millwork

Ekena Millwork's roots trace back to a quaint woodshop in Anaheim, California, where the initial spark ignited by crafting custom legs for pool tables and designer sea shells. From its humble beginnings, Ekena Millwork evolved, catering to illustrious names like Disney, Turncraft, and Kroeger. Today, Ekena Millwork stands as a titan in the millwork industry, having expanded its operations to Clarksville, Texas, and earning distribution channels with giants like Builders First Source, 84 Lumber, and many more. Their legacy is not just in the products they manufacture but in the countless homes and establishments that radiate with their millwork's charm.

What Ekena Millwork Specializes In

Ekena Millwork's expertise spans across a vast realm of millwork, from urethane to wood, metal, and the durable Architectural Grade PVC. Their expansive in-stock millwork boasts of a massive collection of urethane items and seven diverse wood species for stain-grade carvings. Beyond the traditional, they also offer rustic designs through their Timbercraft line of Cedar, and contemporary aesthetics with stainless steel and wrought iron. The cornerstone of their offering lies in not just being a product provider but a comprehensive solution to millwork needs, whether it's custom designs or seamless integration of pre-designed pieces.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Ekena Millwork

Ekena Millwork embodies innovation, variety, and quality, traits that Butler Lighting ardently values. Our partnership with Ekena Millwork ensures that our customers experience the best of millwork designs, be it traditional wood carvings or modern PVC designs. With their vast inventory and commitment to quality, we guarantee our customers both variety and excellence. Together, we envision spaces that are not just decorated but narrate stories of design evolution, craftsmanship, and dedication.

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