Diode LED

About Diode LED

Established as America's largest provider of low-voltage linear lighting solutions, Diode LED stands out in the crowd for its dedication to quality and innovation. With roots deeply intertwined with its parent company, Elemental LED, Diode LED isn’t just a brand—it’s a testament to America's progressive journey in the LED lighting sector. Distributed and displayed in over 3,000 lighting showrooms and electrical distributors nationwide, the brand's reach is unparalleled, serving tens of thousands of customers every year.

What Diode LED Specializes In

Diode LED is a beacon of expertise in the realm of linear, task, and accent lighting solutions. Catering to a diverse range of applications, both residential and commercial, their products are consistently sought after by lighting designers, architects, product specifiers, and electricians. Beyond their product range, Diode LED is an advocate for sustainability, pushing the boundaries of the lighting industry towards a greener tomorrow.

Why Butler Lighting Works with Diode LED

Butler Lighting's partnership with Diode LED is more than just business—it's about aligning with the ethos of excellence and sustainability. Recognizing Diode LED’s immense contribution to the lighting landscape, Butler Lighting is proud to offer their cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Together, our collaboration embodies a shared vision: to illuminate spaces with precision, design elegance, and a commitment to a sustainable future.

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