About Canarm

Canarm Ltd. began its journey as a modest sheet metal shop called Danor Manufacturing, and over the years, has grown and evolved into a global leader in air moving, lighting, and related environmental products. Recognized as one of Canada's Best Managed Companies, Canarm has consistently shown its commitment to excellence, innovation, and value.

What Canarm Specializes In

Canarm prides itself on being a global marketer and manufacturer, focusing on lighting, air moving, and other related products. Serving both the residential and agriculture sectors, their diverse range of products caters to wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. Their motto of providing customers with "value, knowledge, and quality products" stands testament to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Butler Lighting Works with Canarm

Butler Lighting collaborates with Canarm because of their rich history of excellence, continuous innovation, and unparalleled commitment to quality. Together, the partnership aims to bring the best of lighting and air-moving solutions to customers, ensuring they receive exceptional service and premium products.

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