About Bulbrite

Bulbrite's tale spans half a century, born from the ambitions of Andrew Choi, an immigrant from Korea who dreamed of the American Dream. Established in the vibrant streets of NYC in the 1960s, Bulbrite is a testament to perseverance, passion, and purpose. It evolved from one individual's aspirations to a collective endeavor that continues to thrive, but its core mission remains unwavering: to illuminate lives with the most exquisite light possible.

What Bulbrite Specializes In

Lighting is not just about illuminating spaces for Bulbrite – it's about enriching moments. Whether it's setting the mood for dinner, brightening a workspace, or casting a warm patio glow, the right lighting can transform experiences. This is because, for Bulbrite, beautiful light translates to a beautiful life. Their commitment is reflected in the "Bulbrite Promise" – a promise to innovate continually, to educate partners and consumers, and to consistently exceed expectations with a 95% order fulfillment rate and same-day shipping.

Why Butler Lighting Works with Bulbrite

Butler Lighting recognizes the commitment and passion that Bulbrite brings to the world of lighting. Aligned in purpose, both brands aim to enhance living spaces and moments with the perfect lighting solutions. This synergy promises innovation, education, and outstanding customer experiences, making our collaboration a beacon of excellence in the lighting industry.

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