Bassett Mirror Company

About Bassett Mirror Company

Bassett Mirror Company has been a household name in American home furnishings since 1923. As a family-owned business for four generations, they extend their expertise beyond mirrors, offering fine art, decorative lamps, living room tables, accent furniture, dining sets, and mirrored furniture collections.

What Bassett Mirror Company Specializes In

Bassett Mirror Company excels in producing stylish and affordable home furnishings. They emphasize great design, swift shipments (3-5 days), and rigorous quality controls to ensure defect-free, punctual deliveries. Their distinctive showroom vignettes and product assortments set them apart in the industry.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Bassett Mirror Company

Butler Lighting collaborates with Bassett Mirror Company due to its esteemed legacy in home furnishings and its commitment to delivering high-quality, fashionable products.

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