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Nora Lighting | NRM2-511L0927FDW | White | 5" Ref, Flood,

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5" Marquise II Round Reflector, 900lm, 2700K, Flood, Diffused Clear/White
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Line Voltage 4In Trims

About Nora Lighting

Founded in 1989, Nora Lighting boasts a catalog of over 40,000 SKUs and a broad customer base. They have a full R&D facility, equipped with the latest technology for developing a growing portfolio of LED fixtures, five assembly lines to build and modify products to meet customers’ needs, a brand new QC office, a testing facility, and a brand new Nora Showroom and Training Center.

What Nora Lighting Specializes In

Nora Lighting is among the industry's leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and residential applications. Their product line includes recessed lighting, track lighting, rail systems, pendants, under-cabinet lighting, and various other types of fixtures.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Nora Lighting

Butler has partnered with Nora Lighting because of their ability to stay true to the core ethics of service, quality, and value throughout the decades. We appreciate that they are, in their words, “Large enough to do it right, small enough to care.” Over the last 30 years, Nora Lighting has continued to provide exceptional products while putting their customer’s needs at the forefront.

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Recessed Line Voltage 4In Trims by Nora Lighting ( 167 | NRM2-511L0927FDW )

Nora Lighting | NRM2-511L0927FDW | White | 5" Ref, Flood,

Nora Lighting


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