About Meridian

Founded in 1984, Meridian Lighting Company is a full-service manufacturer and distributor with corporate offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and distribution centers in both St. Louis, Missouri and Los Angeles, California. With almost half a century of experience, Meridian provides forward-thinking innovations and accessibility in everyday lighting.

What Meridian Specializes In

Meridian specializes in product development, manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution of LED lighting products. They have a large product line of LED night lights, LED bulbs, and LED battery-operated devices. With their “first to market” mentality, they supply customers with cutting-edge products that will provide them with a steady stream of market-penetrating sales leaders.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Meridian

Butler Lighting is proud to partner with Meridian because of their diverse and innovative range of lighting products. This collaboration allows Butler to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and maintain industry trends - meeting the growing demand for smart and energy-efficient lighting solutions! Along with their exceptional customer service ability, Meridian provides reliable products and services.

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