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Troy Lighting | F7365 | Annex Collection | Pewter, Nickel, Silver | Four Light Chandelier

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1 Year Limited Manufacturer
Light Bulb Requirement::
Bulbs Not Included Max Wattage: 75 | Number of bulbs: 4 | Bulb Type: E26
Bulb Type:
120 Volt
Style 1:
Bulb Base:
E26 Medium
Solid Aluminum
Sub Category:
Glass Shade
Spec Sheet:
Number Of Bulbs:
Vendor Moisture Protection Rating:
Vendor Rated Water Resistant
Canopy Dimensions:
Pewter, Nickel, Silver
Large Chandeliers

Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, Troy Lighting has mastered the art of blending the perfectly imperfect to fashion inviting spaces filled with natural comfort. Their unique aesthetic is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary sophistication, resulting in warm and comforting environments that reflect the latest trends in interior design.

At Butler Lighting, our partnership with Troy Lighting is a testament to our shared commitment to crafting lighting solutions that go beyond illumination. Together, we transform living spaces into cozy and welcoming sanctuaries, enhancing the overall ambiance with style and comfort.

Chandelier FAQs

An overall lighting package for your home will typically cost 1-2% of your home’s overall value. It’s not uncommon to even go over this amount. Chandeliers are often seen as the focal point of a lighting project and tend to cost more than other lighting related fixtures. There is no specific number determining what the right number is as that will depend on the client. Here are some large chandeliers under $500,link

The best way to find out how big a chandelier should be in your dining room is to use the following formula. Add the length and width of the room and the sum will equal the approximate diameter of the light fixture you should get. You also want to be mindful of the ceiling height and table size as you do not want to exceed the width of the table. You should also bear in mind the shape of your table. For example, you don’t want to have a linear fixture over a circular table. This would make your dining room look silly. Always try to find a style that goes with the room. This will yield the best result.

This will all depend on the chandelier and where it is being hung. A typical chandelier is hung between 30-36 inches off the top of your table. Foyers can vary depending on what’s in the room like windows, or if the room has tight spaces. Try to keep your fixtures 7 feet off the ground. If it’s not being hung over something like a table, then bear in mind that you’ll need space to walk under it.

There are many combinations that can work when it comes to tables and chandeliers. Putting a round chandelier over a rectangular table can work. You should always ask your lighting specialist if your desired setup is both functional and proportional.

What’s considered a good chandelier will vary depending on who’s buying it. You always want to find a chandelier that will fit your budget that also doesn’t sacrifice quality, aesthetics, or functionality to do so. If you’re looking for chandeliers on the expensive side, then things like crustal grade, size, material, where they’re made and how they were crafted become important. Just look for something that works for you, and it will likely be a good chandelier.

It is not usually recommended that a chandelier be wider than the width of your table.

Yes, centering your chandelier over your table helps create symmetry and balance.

The frame of it can be cleaned with a duster, or other cleaning devices. Crystals usually can be cleaned with warm water and a small mixture of Windex and rubbing alcohol. Tyr to use residue free towels, microfibers, and soft materials. Label any crystals you take off of the chandelier to make it easier to return them to their original location. There are sprays you can purchase too. Let your crystals dry before putting them back on.

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Troy Lighting | F7365 | Annex Collection | Pewter, Nickel, Silver | Four Light Chandelier

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