GM Lighting

About GM Lighting

For nearly two decades, GM Lighting has illuminated the industry as a key supplier of versatile lighting solutions, including under cabinet, LED linear tape, and accent lighting. Their innovation began with the introduction of LED diodes on linear, flexible tape, revolutionizing the market with dimmable and high CRI linear applications. GM Lighting's diverse range of LED tapes, available in various color temperatures, has significantly influenced lighting design across residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors.

What GM Lighting Specializes In

GM Lighting specializes in a variety of cutting-edge lighting products, particularly in LED linear tape lighting, under cabinet, and accent lighting. Their extensive product line showcases a commitment to innovation, quality, and design flexibility, meeting the needs of lighting designers and architects with an array of color temperature options. This specialization has established GM Lighting as a prominent name in the industry for both design versatility and high-quality illumination.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with GM Lighting

Butler Lighting aligns with GM Lighting for their shared dedication to providing innovative and reliable lighting solutions. This partnership leverages GM Lighting's expertise in LED technology and diverse lighting designs, offering customers high-quality products supported by exceptional customer service. Together, they ensure that the lighting needs of various spaces are met with both style and functionality.

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