Generation Lighting

About Generation Lighting

Previously known as Feiss Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, and Monte Carlo, Generation Lighting is a synthesis of experience and creativity. Renowned for collaborating with builders, contractors, and designers, they offer a range of lighting and fans. From classic traditional designs to modern transitional styles, Generation Lighting caters to diverse home aesthetics, infusing each space with a unique ambiance.

What Generation Lighting Specializes In

Generation Lighting excels in providing diverse lighting solutions. Their portfolio includes opulent traditional and modern transitional designs, reflecting a commitment to versatility and style. This brand is a go-to for homeowners and designers seeking to elevate their spaces with lighting that captures the essence of both time-honored and contemporary trends.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Generation Lighting

Butler Lighting partners with Generation Lighting for their shared dedication to quality and design diversity. Embracing Generation Lighting's wide-ranging styles, from traditional to transitional, Butler Lighting enriches its offerings, ensuring customers find the perfect match for their unique home spaces and design visions.

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