About Framburg

Established in 1905 by the visionary Henry Alfred Framburg, H. A. Framburg and Company has stood the test of time. With over a century's legacy based in Chicago, Illinois, Framburg is a beacon of unparalleled design and craftsmanship in lighting fixtures. Proudly rooted in the United States, every Framburg lighting piece stands as a testament to dedication, expertise, and the enduring spirit of American handcraftsmanship.

What Framburg Specializes In

From the rustic charms to the contemporary sleek, from the gothic intricacies to the casual ease, Framburg's range is as diverse as it is refined. Each product is a symphony of advanced metal forming, finishing, design, and engineering techniques, perfected over generations. While once designs were birthed from hand-drawn sketches, today's creations stem from meticulous computer models, refined repeatedly for optimal form, proportion, and scale.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Framburg

Butler Lighting's association with Framburg stems from a shared commitment to quality and authenticity. Framburg's reputation as one of the most integrated manufacturers in the lighting realm and its dedication to maintaining production within the United States resonates with our values. Their prowess in ensuring thematic consistency, superior quality, and design integrity aligns seamlessly with our quest to offer unparalleled lighting solutions. As Framburg continues to evolve and engage in enriching dialogues with the design community and customers, we're honored to shine alongside them.

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