Fine Art

About Fine Art

Rooted deeply in a legacy that goes back to the late nineteenth century, Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting has, for generations, been the epitome of dedication to artistry in lighting design. Starting in a New York glassmaking factory founded by Max Blumberg, the vision for world-class lighting came to fruition when his son, Jack, assembled the finest artisans in 1940 to create Fine Art Lamps. The company's journey has seen its operations shift from New York to the vibrant culture of South Florida and witnessed leadership transitions that carried forward the company's core values. Rebranded in 2018 to more aptly describe the intricate craftsmanship involved, Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting stands as a beacon of innovation, design integrity, and unmatched quality, all while taking immense pride in manufacturing in the United States.

What Fine Art Specializes In

The essence of Fine Art lies in its name - a dedication to considering lighting not merely as a utility but as an art form. With over 80 years of experience, they fuse hand-blown glass, meticulously handcrafted metal, and other unique materials with exquisite finishes, resulting in lighting pieces that are both functional and artistically captivating. The company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, harnessing new technologies, and challenging the conventional, has led them to create masterpieces that adorn homes and commercial spaces in more than 70 countries. Their unmatched dedication has also led them to be honored with numerous accolades, including being inducted into the ART Hall of Fame.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Fine Art

At Butler Lighting, we believe in providing our customers with pieces that are more than just lighting fixtures; they're works of art. Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting aligns perfectly with this ethos. Their unparalleled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and legacy of design excellence make them a valuable partner. The unique customization options they provide enable our clientele to craft bespoke lighting solutions tailored to their vision, ensuring each piece resonates personally. Their commitment to maintaining design integrity, ensuring timely delivery, and providing exceptional service aligns with our values, making Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting an ideal choice for those seeking unmatched elegance and artistry in their lighting choices.

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