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Gama Sonic | 66B50010 | Black | Solar Wall Light

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If you are looking for a solar powered wall light that is easy-to-install and will brighten your outdoor space, then the Gama Sonic Aria Solar Wall Light is your answer. This high-quality solar wall light can be easily mounted on any exterior wall where direct sun light is available as no wiring is required to install. The modern and contemporary design allows this solar wall light to compliment any outdoor space. Illuminate any entryway, walkway, fence, shed or backyard with the bright solar light from the Aria Solar Wall Light. Constructed of weather-resistant, rust-resistant cast aluminum, the Aria Solar Wall Light is not only aesthetically pleasing but durable as well. Applicable for almost every exterior space in your home, the Aria Solar Wall Light will brighten your outdoor spaces and walls for up to 12 hours each night with warm white light. Powered by the sun throughout the day, the Aria Solar Wall Light will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Gama Sonic is a pioneer in energy savings solar lighting technologies. The Aria Solar Wall Light will allow you to amplify the beauty of your outdoor spaces longer while saving on wiring or energy bills. For a beautiful, easy-to-install and functional solar wall light, look no further than the Gama Sonic Aria Solar Wall Light.
2 Years
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Number of bulbs: 1
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Cast Aluminum
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About Gama Sonic

Gama Sonic emerged as a leader in solar lighting, driven by innovation and sustainability. Since its inception, the company has revolutionized outdoor spaces with bright, durable solar-powered lighting products. From elegant garden lights to robust solar path lights, Gama Sonic's products embody cutting-edge technology and design. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their unique solar technologies and numerous patents, setting new standards in the solar lighting industry.

What Gama Sonic Specializes In

Gama Sonic specializes in high-quality solar lighting solutions. Their products, ranging from residential to commercial-grade, integrate proprietary technologies like the GS Solar LED Light Bulb and the Morph Solar Panel Technology. These innovations offer reliable, cost-effective, and stylish lighting solutions, catering to a variety of outdoor settings. Gama Sonic's focus on advanced solar technology and sustainable design makes them a standout in the realm of outdoor lighting.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Gama Sonic

Butler Lighting partners with Gama Sonic for their shared commitment to innovation and sustainability in lighting solutions. Gama Sonic's pioneering solar technologies align with Butler Lighting's goal of providing efficient, eco-friendly lighting options. This collaboration enables customers to access a range of stylish, sustainable, and cutting-edge solar lighting products, enhancing outdoor spaces while reducing environmental impact.

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Gama Sonic | 66B50010 | Black | Solar Wall Light

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