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ELK Home | 43003AGB | Outdoor Accessories Collection | Bronze / Dark | Outdoor Accessory

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Aged Bronze pier mount base for outdoor applications.
Style 1:
Bulb Type:
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Pier Mounts
Outdoor Accessories
Bronze / Dark
Light Bulb Requirement::
Bulbs Not Included Bulb Type: tbn

About Elk

For nearly three decades, ELK Home has illuminated homes with their exceptional range of lighting, furniture, and decor. Catering to both the budget-savvy and those seeking luxury, their offerings have grown in tandem with their customers' needs. While their product range has expanded, their values remain steadfast, grounded in their family-owned heritage. At the heart of their enterprise lies a relentless dedication to the customers, ensuring that the ELK Home Experience remains unparalleled.

What Elk Specializes In

Expansion and evolution are hallmarks of ELK Home, but what truly distinguishes them is their unwavering customer-first ethos. Whether it's their diverse product range catering to varied tastes or their commitment to excellence, ELK Home stands as a beacon of quality and trust. Rooted in family values, they’ve managed to strike a perfect balance between offering attainable luxury and ensuring the highest standards in every product.

Why Butler Lighting Partners with Elk

At Butler Lighting, our commitment is to bring the very best to our clientele. ELK Home mirrors our dedication to quality, diversity, and exceptional customer service. Their expansive range, aligned with our vision for top-notch service, ensures that our customers receive the ideal blend of choice and quality. When you opt for Butler Lighting, you're not just selecting a product but embracing a legacy of excellence, a legacy that ELK Home reinforces with every piece they craft.

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Exterior Pier Mounts by ELK Home ( 45 | 43003AGB Outdoor Accessories )

ELK Home | 43003AGB | Outdoor Accessories Collection | Bronze / Dark | Outdoor Accessory

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