CWI Lighting

About CWI Lighting

Established as a leader in the lighting industry, CWI Lighting stands out with its philosophy that lighting is akin to jewelry for the home. Their vast collections, which span from rustic to glam and every style in-between, exemplify their belief that there's an ideal lighting piece for every room. Particularly, for those uncertain about their choice, CWI Lighting offers transitional style fixtures that meld seamlessly with any décor, ensuring every homeowner has access to exquisite lighting.

What CWI Lighting Specializes In

CWI Lighting's expertise shines through in its vast range of products, which includes ceiling lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, mirrors, and various accessories. They not only maintain an expansive product catalog but also consistently introduce fresh collections every year, underscoring their commitment to staying on-trend. By always looking towards the future of design, CWI Lighting ensures customers can confidently choose their products, knowing they're getting the latest and finest in lighting design.

Why Butler Lighting Works with CWI Lighting

Butler Lighting values the partnership with CWI Lighting due to the brand's versatile appeal and supportive approach. Recognizing the challenges homeowners often face with design and décor projects, CWI Lighting prioritizes making the lighting selection process as effortless as possible. Moreover, their commitment is further exemplified through their five-year warranty, ensuring responsive and comprehensive support when needed. CWI Lighting's dedication to retailer success, evident through initiatives like their Freight and Gallery Programs, aligns perfectly with Butler Lighting's mission. This shared vision for unparalleled customer service and top-tier product offerings makes CWI Lighting an invaluable partner for Butler Lighting.

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