Lighting Design in the Entry Room

Lighting Design in the Entry Room

Dec 7th 2022 Staff

The entryway to your home is not a space that should be overlooked when it comes to lighting design. The entryway is where you welcome your family and guests into your home. It is the place where your guest’s first impressions of your home are molded. Although many see the entryway as an area of transit, it is not an area of your home that you want to treat with lackluster. The entryway should be treated like a very special area that reflects the heart and soul of your home and family inside. It is recommended to decorate your entryway in a warm, welcoming way. The same messaging goes for lighting design in the entryway. A dimly lit entryway does not give off a welcoming vibe. When possible, one should layer different types of lighting, such as ambient, accent, and task lighting, to properly illuminate the entryway. This is considered the “Golden Trifecta of Lighting.” Many lighting fixtures double as home decor, another way to show off the energy of your home within the first few square feet.

If your home decor throughout the house is bold and daring, you should consider a grand chandelier to match. If your home decor could be described as something more subtle, perhaps you choose a semi-flush ceiling light (although ceiling height and room size may hinder this). Depending on the size of your entryway, you can get very creative with your lighting. For example, if you have space for a buffet, you can place several table lamps in your entryway. If you do not have much space, there is always the option for recessed lighting. Whatever you choose, it will set the tone for the rest of the house. 

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Beautiful entryway chandeliers can range from crystal chandeliers, to colonial candle chandeliers, to cage chandeliers. If you opt to hang a chandelier, make sure to leave a lasting first impression by placing it strategically. A chandelier should be placed as the center point of your entryway space. If you have the space, you will want to draw the gaze of your guests upwards with a chandelier. Your chandelier should take up a proportional amount of space to the size of the entryway. One should note that a chandelier should be placed at least eight feet off the ground. This works great in entryways with high ceilings. Glamorous chandeliers are a fun choice because they will certainly become a talking point from the moment your guests step foot in your home. 

Pendants work similarly to chandeliers by drawing the eyes of your guests upward. They help create the illusion of a taller room. Pendants can be placed as a single pendant or an arrangement of multiple pendants. If you have a short entryway and want to go with a singular pendant, try to choose a large, dramatic pendant. If you have a long entryway, a series of multiple pendants would look nice. Pendants come in a wide range of styles but are often found in modern spaces. Whatever your home style, you will be sure to find pendants that suit you.

No matter the size of your entryway, you will be able to find a ceiling fixture that fits your space and home style perfectly. Ceiling fixtures, from track lighting to flush mount ceiling lights, will offer both beautiful ambient lighting and visual interest to your entryway. Track lighting is great for highlighting multiple areas of your entryway from one central area. You can both provide general lighting and aim light at a piece of art on the wall. Flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights can save space in a smaller entryway while still making a statement in a seamless way.

Wall sconces are extremely versatile. Not only can you place them in the central area of your entryway, but they look phenomenal when placed down a hallway leading out of the entryway. This placement will draw your guest’s eyes down the hallway and into your home. Wall sconces are a good option to provide warm, welcoming light without taking up too much entryway real estate. Depending on the surrounding artwork or available surfaces in the entryway, you can choose from wall sconces with uplighting, downlighting, and multidirectional lighting. 

If you want to add a strong sense of your personal style to your entryway, consider using lamps. You can place floor lamps at the door or table lamps on consoles and shelves. To use either floor or table lamps, you will need space. A floor lamp can give off a stately presence while table lamps can add a sense of fun when placed on the available surfaces. Lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and decor styles between the lamp body and shade. A lamp itself can be considered a work of art. For example, you can select a floor lamp with a curvy, gold body and a purple fringe shade. The possibilities are endless. 

Although not for style, recessed lighting comes in handy when you need to illuminate a space and do not have room for a statement fixture. It is always better to properly illuminate an entryway to create that much needed welcoming energy than to leave the space dark. In a tiny entryway, consider implementing recessed canned lighting to not encroach on the space.

Lighting design in your entryway can be tricky. Some people see it as extremely underwhelming. They do not see the importance of such a small space which can lead to confusion on how to properly illuminate it. That’s why our professional Lighting Designers at Butler Lighting USA are eager to help guide and advise you as you improve the quality of your entryway lighting design. Our Lighting Designers will get to know you and your personal style in order to recreate this energy within the first few steps of your home. They will help you see the possibilities and bring your entryway to life. Butler Lighting has been serving North Carolina communities and the USA since 1948. Come down to our High Point or Greensboro, North Carolina showroom or shop online today!

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